• Every year more than 50,000 children develop Cancer in India.
  • More than 70% succumb to it it because of
  • Lack of money
  • Family dislocation to a big city
  • No job and money to survive in a big city
  • No home to stay
  • Illiteracy and ignorance of family
  • No access to good centres in small cities
  • Lack of proper care and treatment in smaller cancer centres

  • Childhood Cancer is not a death sentence, since childhood cancers are highly curable if diagnosed properly and treated appropriately. Additionally, children cured of cancer become productive members of society for their lifetime! Children treated at TMH have become doctors, engineers, designers, chartered accountants etc. More than 80% of the children at TMH come from the low and low-middle socioeconomic strata of the society and hence require significant economic, accommodation, emotional, travel and nutritional support to undergo lengthy & expensive cancer treatment.
  • Despite best available support from hospital, many refuse or abandon treatment primarily due to socio-economic reasons.

"Each of these lives can be saved"

For more information please watch the film on ImPaCCT Foundation by clicking here

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