Financial support

Direct support for treatment and full financial adoption without having the families approach multiple organizations.

Supporting nurses, pharmacists, social workers and counselors to provide better quality of care to the children

Support for stay

Finding the best free available accommodation for the family who are coming out of town and cannot provide for their own accommodation.

Transfusion support

The foundation helps to organize blood and platelet donors for the patients, without which it would not be able to take intensive treatment. Providing voluntary donors for blood and platelet transfusion by liasoning with various colleges and corporates in the city

Nutrition support

Nutrition support is provided to every child coming to the hospital by way of mid-day meals and healthy snacks. Providing free proteins and calorie rich supplements for children undergoing treatment

Infection Prevention Support

The foundation provides hygiene kits and items for infection control to each and every child coming to the hospital. Additionally ImPaCCT Foundation funds the salary of an infection control nurse and physician to help prevent infection. This helps to decrease infection related complication and death and improves chances at cure.

Educational support

Providing non-formal education to children with cancer during their long stay away from home. This is a pioneering step in integrating educational goals with quality healthcare.

Vocational support

Helping parents during treatment to get trained and employed with various organizations

Vocational training and rehabilitation of survivors of childhood cancers

Psycho-social Support

A dedicated pediatric psychologist helps analyze and support the psychology of the children undergoing treatment and their parents. Enhanced counseling is provided to each and every family to minimize stress and motivate them to take treatment. This has helped reduce the rate of treatment refusal/abandonment from 20% in 2009 to almost 5 percent in the past three years.

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